The Cost-Nearly-Nothing Distillery Plan

Embark on your distillery venture with cost efficiency in mind

Initiate your distilling with a focus on bottling – a strategic move

Inaugurating a distillery isn’t synonymous with sinking funds into a sprawling complex, comprehensive apparatus, or prolonged aging of your beverages.

A smarter and more economical approach to breaking into the spirits market is to begin by bottling.

Understanding the Essentials of Bottling.


This is what’s required to begin your distilling journey:.

Ethanol: The bedrock of your spirits, prioritizing high-quality ethanol is essential.

Softened Potable Water: Verify that the water you use for mixing is fit for drinking and softened for an improved taste profile.

Prestige Flavoring Essences: Select from a multitude of essences at to develop various spirits, from micro-batch to commercial scale.

Bottles: Select PET plastic bottles to save on shipping costs and for their sturdiness.

Caps, Labels, and Boxes: Fundamental for the packing, branding, and mailing of your merchandise.

Production Space and Equipment

You can begin with a small production space. Look into renting space or employing a third-party producer.

You will require a mixing container with a stirrer, a basic filler, a hand-operated capper, and a simple labeler—or labels can be applied manually.

Storing your products can be as simple as utilizing a third-party logistics provider’s warehouse or your own home space.

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